Brand Ambassador

BlackLux is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors to help represent and grow our brand! We are looking for inspiring men and women who embody the definition of what it means to be creative and unique.

Mandatory Requirements to Apply:

• Must have an active social presence on Instagram
• Instagram should be public (Page cannot be private)
• We are looking for individuals who have great potential to be a brand ambassadors with a minimum of 1000 followers (willing to accept less)
• Must be willing to purchase BlackLux apparel, accessories and decor

The Perks:
• Generous personal discount
• Monthly opportunities to win BLACKLUX gear through fun giveaways and photo contests for ambassadors only
• Exclusive access to potential product ideas
• Community atmosphere allowing you to connect with other creative ambassadors
• Opportunities to have your photos posted + account shout outs on our social media pages to assist in growing your following

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