Our Story


BlackLux started from always being a Tomboy at heart but one who also loves to take the look from casual to a night out on the town with my friends. It was also a love of not wanting to be like others to wear quality casual streetwear that could be worn day and night at social gatherings with friends and family. While being able to mix it up for work in a business casual setting. All while being able to be one's true self and loving who they are regardless of their size and what others may think. WE are focused to provide quality products to take your style to the next level. 




BlackLux Represents Creativity, Resilience, & Success... 


       Black is the being Powerful & True to your and others.

Black is knowing your strength and the unknown.

                                           Lux is standing in your light that many do not see.

                                       Lux letting your light standout in your fashion. 

                                                 BlackLux Represents the Luxury not often seen in one.



When You Believe. You Can Achieve Your Dreams. Live Lifer and Be True To Yourself..  

Set a Statement.. It’s all about what you are bringing to the table which sets you apart.

Be Creative. Be Focus. Be Driven to Let The World Know You Are On Another Level.. It’s Not Just A Hustle.. It’s A Lifestyle... 

Possess More

Be More

Driven More



A community where we provided our kids the opportunity to explore their creative side.

We took our environment serious and recycled.  We owned more businesses and spent money in our own neighborhoods.
We had better schools and education. 
We ate better foods and owned our own grocery stores. 
Everyone had a home and we got rid of homelessness.  
Our own successful community where we treat everyone equally regardless of ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation to focus on creating a greater good.

When You Join The Movement & Support BlackLux You Are Helping Us Make This Dream A Reality...